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Now that you know Maria’s story, we would like to hear what you have to say.

Take a moment to share what you learned from The Good Garden and how you are making a difference. Tell us about your school or club's food drive or community service project that helped others become more food secure.

Or just say hi to Maria!


Lily , Wellesley , 5

  Like the story of maria
Ithika , Wellesley , 3

  It\'s an awesome story
richie , Toronto , gr 3

  Its the best story ever.Its never to late to garden.and keep up the good work.
Isabel , Toronto , 3rd

  Hi Maria I learn that plants are really important for our habiat I also want to tell you a few other things the first thing is that I felt really sad when you and your family didn\'t have enough food to eat because you were pour . This is the second thing we have to do something about people cuting the butiful trees that need help to suruve so do other people.
Eris , Toronto , 3rd

   Hi Maria! Thanks to you I know if you take care of something it takes care of you . You\'ve Inspired me to grow and take care of plants in your story there are always happy endings so don\'t worry good bye your friend Eris.
Elizabeth , Toronto , 3rd

  Hi Miara I learned it is always good to try new things.It\'good to take care plants! I hope you get better and hope your family get\'s better.
joshua , toronto , 3

  I learned that you can do your own compost. I felt sad when don pedro left. im going to plant more and im going to pass it on.i love your book!
Caroline , Roxbury , 4th grade

   I notice that in the story when the people were sad the suns face doesn\'t look well.when they were happy the sun look really happy like the sun is following there feeling. FROM THE EVERETT with Mrs. White!
Caroline , roxbury , 3rd grade

  I really like the story that you made first it was sad then happy.I like the part when Don Perdo came in because he feels like the narrater. ps. is your garden still looking good and have alot of food. FROM THE EVERETT!
allen , yukon , 7th

  cool story, glad they learned how to grow their crops and shared how with the rest of the town
Lily , Wellesley , Fifth grade

  the web site is awesome!
Tteja , Wellesley , Fifth Grade

  Hi Maria! I just read your story and it is great. It is so cool how you planted marigolds to keep the insects away, and how it looks like your plants are on \"steps.\" I really like the quiz game, and I can\'t wait for more games to come out. I hope there will be a gardening game, and a game where you can design garden gloves or tools like the bead game on One Hen.
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